State of Affairs

last updated: February 15th, 2006
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At the moment 15 houses in Rincon, Antriol and North Salinja are being renovated.A lot of the houses to be improved are inhabited by elderly people. A second phase is in preparation.
In consultation with the Island Government several roads in Antriol and Rincon will be improved as well.


St. Jago
It all started with integrated neigbhourhood development in St. Jago as a pilotproject. The Urgency Program was not even effectuated at the time. 38 Houses have already been improved. Recently another 17 houses have been renovated/renewed, as part of the Urgency Program this time. Besides these houses, also the roads have been improved. As an answer to the needs uttered by the inhabitants of St. Jago, (informative) gatherings are being organized by the White-Yellow Cross. These are attended weekly by 15 elderly persons.

Montverde en Coronet
Phase 1: the sociale worker paid a visit to 34 households. 20 Houses are selected for improvement. The building phase is expected to start the spring of 2006.

Nieuw Nederland
Phase 1: the social worker paid a visit to 21 households. One road has been improved.

Soto en omgeving
Phase 1: the renovation of 30 houses has officially started on June 23, 2005. 15 houses have already been completed.

Phase 1: the social worker paid a visit to 24 households. 7 Houses are selected for improvement. At the moment it is not known when the construction will start.

The social worker paid a visit to 48 households. 21 Houses will be renovated. In July 2005 the building phase concerning 12 houses has started. In a short time another 9 houses will be renovated.
Also as a part of the integrated neighbourhood development the construction of a multifunctional neighbourhood center was completed at the end of July. Also a sports field has been completed.
In order to give lower income persons the opportunity to enter the “digital world”, there are plans to start an internet center.

At the moment 5 houses destined for disabled and elderly persons are delivered.

The social worker paid a visit to 17 households. Eventually 7 houses are selected to be improved. Together with these houses some roads will be improved as well.

The agreements with the contractors (concerning 14 houses) have been signed mid-September 2005. There is some delay cause by the lack of temporary housing for the inhabitants.

Rooi Santu
Phase 1: the renovation of 7 houses is completed.
Phase 2: at the moment another 17 houses are under construction. 13 Houses are already delivered. Together with housing improvement also some roads have been improved. construction.

Sint Maarten

Phase 1: the renovation of 25 houses (in Middle Region, Dutch Quarter, Sucker Garden and Cay Bay) was completed March 2005.
Phase 2: the renovation of 19 houses has started
Phase 3: the renovation of another 23 houses is under preparation.
Reda Sosial also approved the improvement of some roads in Dutch Quarter together with some roads which are damaged due to the recent cloudbursts, like the storm drain in St. Peters, the Diver Oslo Drive Dutch Quarter, together with the improvements nearby the Ruby Labega School. Both projects are delivered. The preparation for infrastructural improvements in Dutch Quarter are almost finished.

Sint Eustatius

Phase 1: Reda Sosial has approved a plan consisting of the following components:

  1. slum clearance (28 uninhabited slums);
  2. housing improvement in the neighbourhood Jeems (2 houses);
  3. new construction in the neighbourhood Lodi (behind Antillean View Hotel): 6 houses will be build on government property to replace 6 shacks. These newly built houses will be rented out to less income families and stay under management of Statia Housing Foundation;
  4. infrastructure in Jeems: improvement of 3 main dirt roads (project is delivered);
  5. infrastructure in Lodi: open up of new housing estate (incl. infrastructure) (see point 3).
    The second phase is be prepared.


Phase 1: 6 houses are under construction in the Bottom, 4 have delivered already.
The second phase (7 houses and some infrastructural improvements) is being prepared.