Reda Sosial is active on all the islands of the Netherlands Antilles, being: Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. In the period from 1997 until 2003 Reda Sosial has spent more than ANG 85 million (USD 47 million) divided over areas such as education, youth care, health care, livable neighborhood and economic development in the Netherlands Antilles.

IslandANG (millions)USD (millions)
St. Eustatius5,32.9
St. Maarten13,47.4
Statement of expenditures by sector, including all islands of the Netherlands Antilles 1997-2003

Netherlands Antilles

A. Education, Youth Care25,9 14,2
– After-school Care 
– Renewal of Educational Materials 
– Adult Education/Guidance (alphabetization/second chance education) 
– Parental skills 
– Shelter for Youth with Problems 
B. District Development37,9 20,8
– Renovation Community Centers 
– Road Improvement 
– Housing Improvement 
– Street Lighting 
– Renovation Schoolbuilding 
– Upgrading Sports Facilities 
– Integrated Neighborhood Development 
C. Health Care11,96,5
– Addiction Care 
– Elderly Care 
– Care for Disabled Persons 
– Medical Appliances 
D. Economic Development9,4 5,2
– Improvement Beaches 
– Improvement Harbour
– Tourism
 (market place)
– Enterprise stimulation Program 
Total Netherlands Antilles85,1 46,8