Reda Sosial is a line staff organization and has a board and a bureau.

The Board sets out the policy. Originally the board consisted of a maximum of eight members. One representative is appointed by each Island Government of the Netherlands Antilles, two members are appointed by the Government of the Netherlands, and one member is appointed by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, who is also the president of the Board.

In agreement with new policy of the Dutch government, which no longer supports direct Dutch involvement in boards of foundations, the Netherlands no longer has a representative on the Board. The Board is since October 10, 2010, accountable to the prime minister of Curaçao.

Board members

Nirayca Oleana-LouisaMember of the Supervisory Board

The bureau is responsible for the implementation of the policy set out by the Board. The tasks of the staff are the following:

  • preparation and evaluation of projects and proposals to the Board
  • follow-up to approved or denied projects by the Board
  • project support and monitoring
  • financial accountability of projects
  • policy drafting
  • represent Reda Sosial at different activities and gatherings


Wilfred BonafaciaDirector
Mariela JulietManagement Assistant
Liviësa LeonoraPolicy Officer Social and Educational Projects
Nasita ApostelAdministrative Officer
Rudney MarthaSocial Worker
Farida PinedoFinancial Controller
Laureen IsijkFacilities Officer