Funding request

Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) can submit projects for funding at Reda Sosial.

A request for financing must be accompanied by a project file, in which a clear description is given of the project, supported by statistical data. We kindly ask you to use the form which can be downloaded on this website. Only fully completed forms will be processed.

The application for financing can be submitted by way of post, fax or email  (contact).

Criteria for evaluation of the project-proposals
The project or program to be submitted should fit within the formulated policy (objectives).

It is also of great importance to mention in what manner the continuation of the project is guaranteed after funding by the “Social Safety Net” has been terminated. The project at that time will have to be self-sufficient and operating on alternative financial resources. 

Processing the project
When the project fits the formulated policy of Reda Sosial, it will be processed by the concerned policy-maker, who makes sure all the appropriate information is available.

Eventually the project file together with an advice by the bureau will be submitted to the board for approval. There are three possibilities:

  1. The request for finance is approved. The applicant receives a letter of approval.
  2. The decision is delayed because the Board cannot evaluate the project because of insufficient information or information being unclear. The staff concerned will complete the project file.
  3. The request for finance is rejected. The applicant receives a letter of rejection.